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M&H Consulting is a full service Geographic Information System Consulting Firm.  With experience in the fiber communications, natural gas transmission and distribution, as well as electric transmission and distribution.

A combined 11 years in mapping and drafting, working with both specialty presentation maps as well as field maps (paper & DVDs) we have the experience to handle all of your mapping needs

Besides mapping, we have extensive experience in data conversion from AutoCAD and MicroStation platforms to GE Smallworld and ArcGIS.



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We offer a full suite of GIS tools. With experience in conversion, data mining, symbology, field map books and DVDs, as well as professional map services, M&H Consulting is the contractor for you

We also offer live aerial imaging, drone mapping, agriculture crop analysis, drainage analysis with elevation models, damage assessments, plant counting, and more with out custom DJI Phantom Pro 4 V2 with NDVI lenses and specialized analysis software




  1. As-Built maps for a private fiber network in Brookville, IN

  2. Turn-key engineering including permits, route design, construction maps, and as-builts for the following cities/school systems

    1. Spring Creek, NV (7 mi)

    2. Lovelock, NV (5 mi)  ((5

    3. Caldwell, ID (15 mi)

    4. Coventry, CT (5 mi)

    5. Pocono, PA (13 mi)

    6. Lyons, KS (4 mi)(